Staying in Your Own Lane


STAYING in your own Lane

Why being your own competition is the best way to win the race.

Let's talk about haters….

So I have been wanting to do a post on this for a while because I struggle with being a “people pleaser.” What this means is that it really bothers me when someone has a problem with what I do or who I am. In fact, it has taken me years of practice to learn how to not internalize others opinions or actions towards me. 

And especially, when it comes to my business. 

My business, much like other people’s businesses, is my baby. Every single day, I am doing something to either grow or take care of it. I left an amazing full-time career to dive into my business. And it was, slash, continues to be a HUGE risk. So it takes everything in me to not let other’s opinions and judgments of my business affect me personally.

However, as draining as it is to get yourself past other’s  (haters')  thoughts, there is an amazing freedom in simply focusing on yourself.


1, 2, 3...Go.

Stop holding back because of fear. Let your passion drive you.

When I was a little girl, I grew up drag racing. Just me and my dad at the race track doing our thing. One of the major key’s to winning a drag race is to react quick enough to the lights counting down on the tree, to let you know when it’s time to launch off the starting line. 

The reason why this is critical to winning a race is that it affects how much quicker you get to the finish line. 

One thing my dad always told me was to “ride your own ride and stay in your own lane.”  He would tell me, "Focus on you, Whitney. Who cares about the guy in the lane next to you or what he/she is doing. Just focus on winning your own race."

Much like drag racing, you cannot focus on your success when you are focusing on what others are thinking of you. You cannot win your own race when you are obsessing over the competition in the lane next to you. We cannot let someone else's opinions, judgments or criticisms affect how we get to the finish line. 

Others opinions do not matter when you are only racing and competing against yourself.


You cannot compare your life, business, or value to someone else. Nor can you let others affect your own success. Your success is solely up to you, just like crossing the finish line.


Everyone is competing in their own race, however, those that focus on themselves are usually the ones that make it to the finish line first. 

There will always be people in this life that will know where to hit you where it hurts or try to scare you out of doing what you believe in. Don’t ever let the fear of others stop you from doing what you are passionate about. Whether its blogging, starting your own business, traveling, or chasing after your dreams. There will always be haters, but there will never be another you. 

Win your own Race

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