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What are you wishing for in 2018✨

Set your sights and get what you want


Let’s talk about getting what you want. When I sat down and tried to write out my 2018 goals - it took me almost 2 days. And still, I really didn’t know what these goals even looked like. 

It wasn’t until one night around 3 am when my mind was racing, that I actually started to envision what I wanted my life and business to look like for 2018. I was awake and stressed out. I was freaking about kicking off the new year without any direction to set my sights upon. 

It honestly wasn’t until I finally gave up and thought, I just want my life and business to look like this…

The images and visions of the things I wanted came to me almost instantly. I mean right? Like when you think about where you want to be in 1, 5, or 10 years, most people have some general dream lifestyle of what or how they ideally want to be living. Mine may or may not include a house in La Jolla and driving a Jag. But ya know, to each their own. 

Anyways, these wants and dreams all came flooding in and immediately I started jotting down all of them in my iPhone. One huge, over-ambitious list of what I wanted. As I continued to write, I realized that not only had I been writing down itemized dreams, but, I had also been writing out my 2018 goals. For example, if I wanted to make X in 1 year, I would need to bring on X new clients. 

This is a very loosely organized way to plan out your goals - BUT - the vision is where it starts. And it wasn’t until recently that I learned that there is an actual practice for imaging what you want and then bringing it into your life. 

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Envision Your Dream Life

Envision your dream life and then live it

Manifesting. There are different ways to manifest, but the main idea is intentionally creating what you want. So in a sense whatever you are directing your focus toward or thinking about, is how you manifest these things into your life.

If you think about it - it really is true. If you are negative or unhappy, you are manifesting negative thoughts and feelings into your life and business. If you are positive or happy, you are manifesting positive thoughts and feelings into your life. 

So when you write down your 2018 goals - what are you manifesting in your 2018? 

There are three things that have helped me exponentially better my life and have taught me to envision my dream life. 

  • Learning how to Manifest

  • Envisioning Your Hot Rich Life

  • Coaching


These three tools have helped me to grow in my personal life as well as my business. In fact, I integrate these tools into my daily life.

  • Manifest each morning

  • Envision my Hot Rich Life each night before bed

  • Weekly coaching calls to help keep my goals on track


Surprisingly enough, these amazing tools came from these three amazing ladies. I feel like I shouldn't be sharing them for free on this blog post because they are seriously so priceless! I have linked each of their amazing tools and teachings to their names.

Click below to start manifesting your dream 2018 into a reality!



Learn How to Manifest...

Amber Lee Lyons from Chakra Girl Collective


Envision Your Hot Rich Life ...

Sophie Von Marricks from Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch


Get Yourself the Best


Jennifer Jaden from JenniferJaden.com

So what are you manifesting in 2018? I want to know.
Comment below and let’s chat! I want to hear all about your goals and how you are making your dreams a reality.
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