Summer 2019 Must Reads and Listens

Book Must Reads:

The Brilliance of a book. I'm talking a physical, smells like happiness, hold in your hands to block the sun book. Physical copies of books, vs. Ebooks, help us stayed focused, stray from distraction, and give you that vastly needed break from the black screen you've been keenly looking at all day. I'm not sure how a summer can be a summer without a good book, and here are some roaringly wonderful suggestions for that book you can both fall into and fall in love with by the poolside....drinking your coconut water......wearing a cute hat.....being fanned.....eating watermelon.....okay I'm done. Here are some great summer book reads to channel your inner feminist/women empowered modern lady.

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  1. How to be a Badass by Jen Sincero. Sincero's sense of humor throughout this book is contagious, and draws you in to want to know more and more about how to stop doubting yourself and just fricken love every part of what makes you, you. "You are a badass. You were one when you came screaming onto this planet and you are one now. The Universe wouldn't have bothered with you otherwise. You can't screw up so majorly that your badassery disappears" (Sincero, 50).

  2. The Best Damn Answers to Life's Hardest Questions by Tess Koman. This colorful book is not your traditional one chapter after the next book, as flowchart after flowchart gives suggestions to life's simple yet nail biting everyday choices. Because who wants to spend 30 minutes sitting there, achieving nothing, deciding on a hair style? On when to pencil in friend time? On if you are happy with the theme of your bedroom? From small issues that feel disastrous, to big issues that can become disastrous, give your indecisive side a chance to vacation.

  3. Bossypants by Tina Fey. This raw yet comical memoir dives into what makes Tina Fey, Tina Fey. Not only do we get to learn more about the making of this hilarious comedian, but Tina dives into how online comments and feedback affected her, how she has balanced being a working mother, and the many judgements places on women and mothers.

  4. Cringeworthy by Melissa Dahl. Channel your inner bad haircut, mouth full of braces, stuttering during every conversation, awkward middle school self! Although most of us have left this phase, being awkward from time to time is not a crime. Cringeworthy dives into how we can learn, grow, and challenge ourselves in awkward scenarios, as none of us are shy from having a couple.

  5. The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish. Female comedians memoir's seem to be the new craze, or maybe just my personal preference ;). Haddish hilariously tackles staying true to yourself in an industry where this can be difficult, never swallowing your loudness, and going through the journey of life laughing.

Podcast "Must Hears":

If you haven't jumped on the Podcast train, hop on it! Podcasts are hot and bubbling right now, and as we hectically drive from one responsibility to another, why not listen to some much needed advice, or indulge in some pure entertainment? Podcasts can be listened to anytime, anywhere, and instantly cease boredom.

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  1. Gals on the Go by Danielle Carolan & Brooke Miccio. Gals on the Go is perfect for, well, gals on the go. This podcast is the perfect pick-me-up on that drive home from work; and discusses being productive, adulting, traveling, and much more in a hilariously relatable fashion. So tie your hair in a now-back-in-style scrunchie and listen already!

  2. The Papaya Podcast by Sarah Nicole. This unaplogetic feminist chats about anything and everything, and her raw ability to showcase all parts of herself is refreshing. Sarah gives advice about being unconditionally yourself, and why turning a cheek to body positivity is not the way to go.

  3. The Grown up Girl by Laura Nelson. Laura's perky voice could draw anyone in for a listen! The Grown up Girl is all about interviewing other successful women on their tips and tricks to going from girl to woman (but never actually losing your inner child).

  4. The Morning Toast by sisters Jackie and Claudia Oshry. This millennial based podcast is hosted by two chipper women, and as they discuss today's sizzling current events, trends and news, they have different guests from time to time to spice things up.

  5. Thick and Thin by Katy Bellotte. This youthful podcasts thrives on girl empowerment and falling in love with yourself. As a twenty-something, Katy shares all the twists and turns of being a millennial in today's day and age; from if college is right for you to learning how to ghost when needed.

    * And of course, tune into our CEO Whitney Eckis's brilliant podcast- Under the Influence!

-Jaden Watkins, Summer Intern 2019

XOXO, The Eckis Marketing Team