Office Must Haves: Eckis Marketing Edition

Office Must Haves:

Walking into Eckis Marketing as a summer intern, I couldn’t help but immediately notice the happening and effervescent AESTHETIC of the space. From the pink neon sign, reminiscent of vintage Las Vegas, to each of the smaller, but essential, trendy office supplies; the workings and walls of this company are anything but boring. Here are 10 of Eckis Marketing’s must-have office furnishings, that are definitely a contribution to why this company made Forbes Most Instagramable Corporate Offices.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 1.50.47 PM.png
  • Old Fashioned Telephone: When answering a work telephone, who wouldn’t want to channel their inner 80’s babe and answer a vintage pink one? This useful decoration is the perfect addition for an office space because it can just sit there looking cute and retro, but is still used everyday.

  • Blue Light Glasses: I’m not the first to admit that my job AND my personal time both involve staring at some sort of screen all day. Blue light glasses help keep your hard working eyes from getting damaged, so why not help your eyes and your outfits out by wearing these chic glasses?!

  • Skin Fridge: Besides this skin fridge having the cutest AESTHETIC ever, it has space for your beauty items to sit chilled and happy while you work hard. At Eckis, we hold a Jade Roller and Rose Mist in this charming container, but the LIST OF POSSIBILITIES is endless!

  • Desk Coffee Warmer: Getting your job done and turned in on time is hard enough, never mind getting up a handful of times to refill your coffee or needing to microwave it to keep the heat. This simple appliance is the perfect way to erase a couple of those trips back to the kitchen! Your coffee can stay warm on your desk, while you fall back into your work and sip your steamin’ hot latte like you deserve.

  • Nespresso: you’re going to need some coffee to put on that coffee warmer! This Nespresso lets you have coffee shop level coffee at the office, and offers heavenly choices for any PREFERENCE! Refill please!

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 9.49.25 AM.png

  • Timer Cube: Time management is SEXY! Setting time limits on tasks can organize your world, and using this timer is as easy as 1,2,3!

  • Marble Stapler: A stapler is essential in every office and takes up desk space, so why not have one that’s actually cute? This functional decoration is the perfect sidekick to a marble laptop cover or notebook, and can make any office look that much more put together for a cheap price!

  • Standing Phone Charger/Battery Pack: This wireless charger swiftly charges and props up your phone, so you don't even have to stop typing in order to check your #1 prized possession!

  • Paper Clips with Tassels: Fun and functional, these funky paper clips add a fun twist to placing pages together.

  • Bando Pencils: Sitting in an old fashionED mason jar in the conference room, these spunky pencils display words of encouragement to get you through that final meeting. From a bold red "YOU'RE A TOTAL CHAMP", to a sassy silver "YOU MAKE IT RAIN RAINBOWS", one can't help but perk up when seeing this positive pencils.

*Hope you’re feeling inspired! Just add to cart :)

-Jaden Watkins, Summer Intern 2019

XOXO, The Eckis Marketing Team